This Guy Says He Looks So Much Like Harry Kane He Gets Mobbed In The Street

Girls regularly slide into his DMs as well.

The whole country is going football/England crazy at the moment after the national team reached their first major international final in 55 years, so it’s not that surprising to hear that this guy who looks like Harry Kane is getting mobbed in the street wherever he goes.

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Well, I would believe it more if the guy actually looked like Harry Kane. It kinda seems to me that he just wears a Spurs shirt and walks around asking people if he thinks he looks like Harry Kane. It’s hardly an uncanny resemblance is it? Nobody would even say anything if he wasn’t wearing his Spurs shirt.

Anyway, his name is Danny McLaughlin and he’s 29 years old and he reckons that girls slide into his DMs asking him for dates as well because he looks so much like Kane. Here’s what he had to say about it:

I had a lot of people sliding in my DMs on Instagram. It was one after another, I thought, ‘This is ridiculous’.

Some cringey messages saying, ‘I don’t usually do this but I saw you on TV and thought you were really cute.’

I just remember looking at it laughing and thinking how bizarre it was. I’d send it to my missus saying, ‘You’ve got some competition’.

We were lining up in a nightclub and I think Harry had scored against Arsenal.

I didn’t think anything of it, it was only when friends said it to me and then all of a sudden we were getting into night clubs for free or queue jumping which was something special.

Especially at university – everyone wants to be your friend.

When I do go out, I wear my England shirt and I do like Kane and have him on the back of it. It’s hilarious.

It’s like anything, you see one person doing something and it makes you want to follow suit. So if someone else sees something in someone, you naturally go, ‘Oh he does actually, I want a photo’.

It’s bizarre. I didn’t think I looked anything like him to begin with but now I’m wondering if I do.

At first when I heard people talking about Harry Kane I would look behind me to see if he had been spotted nearby, but they were talking about me.

What a crazy story. I just can’t think that people actually think that he looks like Kane? It makes it even dumber that he has a major tattoo sleeve on one of his arms and Kane definitely doesn’t and also that Danny is six foot eight too, so way taller than Kane and pretty much everyone in the country. Guy doesn’t look anything like him FFS.

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