This Guy Is Running Around New York Chopping Up People’s Selfie Sticks

Buddy Bolton Selfie Sticks


One of the most infuriating inventions of the past few years is the selfie stick as there’s nothing more annoying than seeing a bunch of wankers walking around trying to get good pictures of themselves from really high up. Jog on idiots.

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A lot of us moan and bitch about how annoying they are, but few of us have actually bothered to do anything about it. The same can’t be said of YouTuber Buddy Bolton, who decided to run around New York with a giant pair of bolt cutters snapping unsuspecting people’s selfie sticks in half right in the middle of a shot. Absolute legend:

Classic. I love their faces when they realise they’ve been got and the reactions, especially when they try and chase after them. Like what are they actually going to do if they catch up with him, demand some glue off him so they can stick it back together? Behave.

This isn’t quite as good though as these guy who ran around South Africa cutting off people’s top knots. Another bonafide legend.


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