This Guy Reveals That We’ve Been Eating Corn On The Cob All Wrong Our Entire Lives

eating corn

Why didn’t think of that?

There are some foods that might be a bit messy to eat, but you just accept that that’s the way you eat them because it’s how you’ve been taught and also part of the fun – think chickens wings and ribs mainly.

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Another food item that fits this description is corn on the cob which whilst not quite as messy as those can still be a bit of a nightmare if it’s hot and there’s juice/butter flying around everywhere. However, despite this I don’t think that anyone has ever even considered a different method of eating it before I saw the ingenious way that this guy had chosen to take up the mantle:

Wow. That looks so easy to do and so much tastier than just chomping into it and trying to get as many as the kernels off as possible. Great efficiency. It’s fair to say that I don’t eat corn on the cob too much but if I happen to have a skewer on me – which I hope to have now – then I’ll be trying it out. Hopefully as revolutionary as it looks.

For more corn, check out this girl who sewed corn into her hair to make cornrows. Weirdo.


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