Watch This Guy Get Rescued From A 45 Foot Lamppost After Climbing Up It Whilst High On Spice

Man High Spice

Spice is a hell of a drug.

Whilst for the most part we seem to know how most of the drugs out there will make your body react, synthetic marijuana or spice seems to be a whole different deal as nobody really knows what’s in it or what it does to you.

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For the most part it seems to make people act like monger out zombies who can’t do anything except look for their next hit, but an unusual video has emerged below of a guy in Birmingham over the weekend, who was apparently so high on the stuff that he managed to climb up to the top of a 45 foot lamppost. That’s an impressive feat!

Unfortunately for him it proved a lot harder for him to get down from it and he was left hanging on for dear life at the top of it until a fire engine turned up to assist him back to ground level via a 44 foot ladder with a hydraulic platform. Even then it wasn’t an easy process for the firefighters, as he repeatedly kicked the ladder whenever it got anywhere near him. Ungrateful idiot.

Following on from his successful retrieval, he hung around for about an hour on the street near Handsworth Park talking to the cops and ambulance people, before he was eventually taken to hospital for an examination. Nobody has any clue how he managed to get up there – least of all the guy – but I imagine he just thought it was a good idea and went for it. Spice can make you do those kinds of things. I wouldn’t even try it if I was you.

For more evidence of why it’s so awful, check out this ex drug addict talking about the disgusting high you get from taking it. Why even bother?


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