The Guy Who Reported Fat Shaming Sex Tape Is Now Receiving Death Threats



Earlier this week we reported on a horrific online incident whereby a man uploaded a video of himself having sex with an overweight woman alongside some absolutely brutal comments.

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This was circulated on men’s only Facebook page The Virtual Pub, where further fat shaming comments were made about the woman. Evidently the sex tape was posted without her consent.

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One hero, Hayden Brien, decided to report the video to Facebook, where he was informed that it didn’t go against Facebook’s community standards. This in itself is mental – some of the stuff that Facebook has banned includes historical works of art, celebratory images of the human body and important anti-war photos and yet a non-consensual sex tape is totally cool (although they have since changed their minds and taken it down now that this story has gone viral).

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Anyway, as if this weren’t unfair enough on its own, it turns out that Brien is now receiving death threats online. He said:

One bloke said, ‘I hope you get hit by a car’.

I haven’t read half of them. Some guy who must be a [Newcastle] local said he’s coming for me at my next gig.

So yeah, it’s been a little bit full on in some regards. I expected backlash from the boys in my town, but I didn’t really expect it to get this wide.

Some of it’s been quite ironic that some of the dudes are now starting to worry about their own welfare, saying they don’t have a safe space, that women do this and women do that all that and the rest of it.

I come from a town where 14,500 people would be the town. If I walked around this town showing everybody naked pictures of somebody and getting everyone to make comments, it’d be a whole different story. But because it’s on the internet, people think ‘private group’ means ‘private group’. And yeah, they’ve found out the hard way there is something very wrong with what’s happened.

Well, sadly Hayden’s found out the hard way too that you can’t do anything on the internet without an angry reaction, even if you are in the right. Hats off to him anyway for doing the right thing.

To read about the man who got fat shamed by trolls, only to then get invited to be the only guy at a 1,723 girl orgy (it’ll warm your heart… kinda), click HERE.



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