Dude Sleeps With Fat Chick; Uploads Video To Facebook Alongside Disgustingly Brutal Comments

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In the age of 4K iPhones, this is what happens.

A man over in Australia has sparked outrage after posting a video of himself having sex with an overweight woman, only to then make brutal comments about her weight on a men-only group.

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The footage was captioned:

What’s the biggest whale you have harpooned? I went through a tubby phase and landed this 130kg beast.

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Facebook user Hayden Brien spotted the messages and decided to share a grab of the video, claiming it looked like it had been filmed without the woman’s consent. He wrote:

A guy posted screenshots from a video of him having sex with someone on facebook… & you’d assume it wasn’t taken let alone POSTED with her consent.

It currently has over 230 likes, and 103 comments – NOT ONE SINGLE COMMENT defending the girl who’s now been left exposed in a group of 14,524 men without her consent.

I bite my tongue over the daily misogynistic, racist, homophobic & generally uneducated posts in the group because hey, this is a safe space for the working class Aussie males, right?

This however crosses the line in a very very big way, and needs to be stopped immediately.

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Shockingly, after Hayden reported the post to Facebook, moderators have refused to take it down because it didn’t breach their community guidelines. What, so you’re not allowed to post a picture of a woman’s nipples, but some guy is allowed to post a non-consensual sex video while absolutely decimating the woman in it? Seems like the system’s a bit skewed. Nevertheless, Hayden’s post has received thousands of messages in support of his actions exposing the guy’s behaviour, so hopefully something will get done about the disgusting comments soon.

It’s nearly as bad as the time UK soldiers posted these photos of their sexual conquests online.


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