Reddit User Receives Heartwarming E-mail From Dad Two Years After He Died From Cancer



Reddit user Bertie_McSlurp uploaded this heartwarming story of an e-mail he received from his dad two years after he had died. Turns out the dad had cancer and knew he was going to die, so he used FutureMe and left the message, and boy oh boy is it emotional.

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Bertie_McSlurp said that the email showed off his dad’s good sense of humour. He only loaded up the first few paragraphs because, “it gets personal,” but what he reveals is more than enough to show you just how funny and amazing a person his dad really was and how proud he was/is of his son. Check it out:

Hello Son, I am talking to you from the grave, woooo. I always said I will come back and haunt you.

Seriously, by the time you read this, I will have passed on. Hopefully by now you have adjusted well enough to life without the old man and you have managed to help your mother adjust.

I have complete confidence you will be taking just as good care of her as I did.

I have a few thoughts to share with you and a few insights which we never got around to discussing in the last few months where I was still coherent (I’m imagining the morphine will have turned me into a bit of a vegetable. Hopefully I entertained you with some decent hallucinations or jobber jabber).

The first thing I want to say is just how proud I am…


That’s where it cuts off, but seriously how amazing is that? Apparently the rest of the email shows an intimacy that was only present between the two near to the end of his life. Bertie_McSlurp said:

My relationship with my father changed once he had been diagnosed with cancer.

He was from an older generation and was brought up in a struggling family with an abusive father. We always had a good relationship and he was a great dad but we never felt comfortable talking about things and being open with each other.

He was a role model in everything he did and how he treated people but the talking was missing. Cancer changed that.

For months we just sat and chatted and he told me stories about his life that I never knew and nobody has heard. Good and bad. Funny and serious.

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He truly sounds like an amazing man and it’s just such a nice thing that he did for his son.

Such a lovely read — I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now and I hope you guys do too. Sort of similar to how I felt after watching this video of a special needs student getting asked to prom. There is hope for this world after all.



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