Guy Pretending To Be Jason Statham On The Internet Cons Woman Out Of Thousands


Honestly, how dumb are some people?

If someone contacts you on the internet claiming to be Jason Statham and saying that they’re in a load of debt and need to borrow some money off them, are you going to give them your life savings or tell them to do one?

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If the answer is option A then you’re a grade A idiot and you’re an unnamed woman from Greater Manchester who has gone to the press with her story but refused to reveal her name, presumably because she’s embarrassed of being a grade A idiot. The woman first made contact with Statham via a Facebook fan page, and assumed that he was just being a cool celebrity and keeping up appearances by replying to fan mail.

Then he asked for her WhatsApp number and things got a little crazy, as he bombarded her with messages saying that he loved her and wanted to meet her. Then of course he asked her to send him a whole bunch of money because his wages had been delayed from his latest film and he was broke, which of course she did, sending him hundreds of thousands of pounds.

I’m obviously going to think that she’s pretty stupid because of this, but she does has an excuse as she was very vulnerable at the time due to two recent deaths of those close to her:

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I’m quite a strong person but obviously certain things get to you and you let your guard down.

I don’t feel like I was in the right place myself because of what I’d been through.

My mother and fiancee had just died so I was very vulnerable.

Yeah, I guess that hasn’t happened to me but I’ve gotta think that you’ve still gotta have a screw loose to think that Jason Statham is messaging you on the internet and needs you of all people to bail him out after the wages from his latest movie haven’t been paid. There’s a lot going on there that just doesn’t add up at all really isn’t there?

Completely ridiculous, but I suppose you have to feel sorry for this woman for being so stupid. Hope she manages to get back on her feet and if anyone out there is experiencing something similar, at least this might convince them not to give their life savings to Taylor Swift or George Clooney or whoever’s been messaging them. Just be realistic guys.

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