This Guy Just Shared Pictures Of His Daughter’s ‘Category 2 Poop Explosion’

Poo Explosion

SO grim.

I haven’t had the pleasure of having children yet – maybe one day – but one thing I am not looking forward to is how much they’re going to shit all over the place and how I’m going to have to clean it up.

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However, I don’t think I’ll ever have as big a problem as this dude from Omaha called Jesse Mab-Phea Hill, who decided to share his experience on Facebook for all to see and read about. It’s a pretty detailed story so I’ll let him take it away:

Holy moly, that does not look good whatsoever. I can’t even comprehend how this girl can get shit literally everywhere like that? It’s a damn fine effort – I guess she must have shat it out and wiped it all over the place or something. This is even harder for me to understand because I was always taught that girls didn’t shit either… kidding.

For more crap, check out this guy who was constipated for ten years and then had an eleven pound poop removed. Yeowch.


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