This Guy Perfectly Sums Up Why The Big Bang Theory Is A Giant Crock Of Shit

Big Bang Theory

You bunch of twats.

Ever since I first encountered it, I’ve completely failed to understand how The Big Bang Theory is funny in any way shape or form. I mean it’s just a bunch of nerds hanging out doing nerdy things and generally not being even the slightest bit funny. How the hell does something like that run for ten seasons?

There have been a number of articles written about its success, but it’s popularity has seemingly endured and nothing seems set to derail it. One guy named Lyle McDouchebag has perfectly summed up why it sucks in the following 20 second video though, and hopefully the bitesize nature of this will encourage more people to watch it and take note of the show’s massive fault, namely that it just isn’t funny:

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Exactly. There’s absolutely no punchline – it’s just a bunch of nerd references that the writers have thrown together in an effort to make people think ‘oh those nerds are so nerdy’. The thing is all the things he’s mentioned are also massively popular, so it’s not even that nerdy? I don’t get it.

Having said that though, enough people must do for the show to run for ten seasons. Depressing.

If you want a more detailed reasoning as to why The Big Bang Theory completely sucks, check out our classic article on the subject.


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