Guy Passes Out During Pregaming; Friends Take Him For A Night Out Taped To A Chair

Matty Crawford

Is he alive?

Usually when your mate passes out during pregaming, it means they’re going to get the Sharpie treatment and maybe a bit of drunk Buckaroo before they come to. But this guy must’ve drunk a litre of vodka or something as he literally stays asleep for an entire night out.

A guy called Matty Crawford uploaded this video of their mate who couldn’t make it past pre-drinks over the weekend. Obviously you can never leave a man behind so after covering him in the appropriate attire, they Gaffa tape him to a wheelie chair and take him with them.

I must admit, until I got to the end I started to wonder if this guy was still alive. They manage to drop him on the pavement, take him out for food and get him a couple of bevvies before taking him to the club where he finally regains (a bit) of consciousness. Lightweight. Check it out below:

As said, I’m surprised those guys didn’t start to feel for a pulse after the first couple of places they went to. Poor guy must’ve suffered from the hangover from hell.

Still, can’t have been worse than this girl whose boss emailed a picture of her passed out drunk to the entire company.


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