This Guy Paid His Friend To Fake An ISIS Bomb Threat So He Could Get Out Of Work

Guy Paid Friend Fake ISIS Bomb Threat

What an absolute moron.

Everyone has days when you just don’t want to go into work, but when that’s the case you normally just call in sick or something. It’s not a good idea to spark a national incident by calling in an ISIS bomb scare though.

A 20 year old Irish guy called Aaron O’Neill thought this would be a great way of getting out of a day’s work as a subcontractor at tech company Intel. O’Neill and his mate Colin Hammond had been out drinking and taking pills the night before (can you spell rollover?) when O’Neill had the bright idea to get Hammond to call in the bomb scare.

Hammond cleverly (hmm) decided to do this from the payphone outside his home and soon all 4000 members of staff at Intel were prevented from going to work. A local motorway was also closed and air traffic was disrupted, presumably whilst O’Neill and Hammond slept it off in their beds. Everyone else from the firm just went to McDonald’s to celebrate, obviously.

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The pair were both sentenced to 200 hours of community service in lieu of a two year prison sentence after Hammond admitted calling in the threat for his friend. Judge Martin Nolan had the following to say about it:

This whole case is profoundly stupid.

It is a very, very strange way to avoid going to work.

There is no reason to depart from the same sentence for O’Neill because he is just as much to blame.

Not one to mince his words there is he, Judge Nolan, but to be fair the pair are a couple of prize morons who pretty much affected everyone in their whole town because they can’t handle going out on the piss on a school night. Amateurs.

It’s probably even dumber than when this guy called in a bomb threat because he had forgotten to book his wedding venue. Does anyone really ever think they’re going to get away with this stuff?


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