This Guy Just Had One Of The Best Bill Murray Encounters Of All Time

Bill Murray

Bill Murray just gets better and better.

Bill Murray is well known for his capering and playing pranks on random members of the public just for shits and giggles, but this guy might have caught him doing the best one yet.

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You might as well go into this without any expectations, so jump right in:

OMG, is Bill Murray OK? Is Dan White dead? Seriously guys what the hell is going on?

I suppose this is needless to say but it turns out this Dan White guy fancies himself as somewhat of a comedian and this pretending to get shot gag is pretty much his go to joke. Check out this one he did a while ago:

Yeah, not quite as impressive when Bill Murray isn’t in it eh, but I guess it’s not that bad an idea. Can’t really see it taking off without multiple celebrity appearance but hey maybe this is his big break. We’re rooting for you Dan.

As for Bill Murray himself, I suppose it’s kinda rad that he agreed to be in his dumb little video but I suppose that just illustrates what a great guy he is. Of course, this does require you to disregard all the bad stuff he’s done in his life like beat up his ex wife, cheat constantly on another one of them and drunk driving in Sweden, but hey it’s Bill Murray we can let him off, right? Hmmmm.

Anyway, here are another five times he’s been pretty cool. Not sure if it makes up for all the bad stuff though.


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