Five Times Bill Murray Was The Absolute Man

Don’t ever change.

Bill Murray is pretty much one of the most loved men in Hollywood, if not the world. You could talk for hours about all the cool shit he has done, both on-screen and off, and you’d still only scratch the surface of his cult-like popularity.

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Even in his movies alone, he’s an absolute top grade actor. A few personal favourites include ‘Groundhog Day’, ‘Ghostbusters’, ‘Lost In Translation’, ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’, ‘The Man Who Knew Too Little’… actually, it’s getting difficult to whittle the list down.

But what makes Bill more than just a decent actor is the weird shit he gets up to in his personal life. Everything he does oozes confidence and humour. He’s just a fucking awesome, stand-up guy, hence why even he knows he’s the absolute Don. In his owns words, “Nothing prepared me for being this awesome.” Me neither Bill, me neither. Here’s just a few of the times Bill Murray proved to us that he’s the fucking man: 

1) He genuinely cares about people he pelts in the face

Back in 2007, Bill lobbed a bottle of coke into the crowd at a celebrity golf tournament and it hit a man in the face, causing him to draw blood. Bill being the empathetic man that he is gave this heartfelt apology, before signing the bottle that he had used to cause the damage. Hero:

2) He’s not afraid to get involved

Bill Murray loves to get stuck into anything and everything. If he sees a bunch of people having a laugh, he doesn’t just sit at the sideline and admire their joie de vivre. He gets involved. Here he is conducting a school marching band:

And having a laugh on some tarpaulin:

3) He’ll crash your party and even do the dishes 

Bill Murray is a notorious party crasher. Seriously, he just loves to rock up to people’s celebrations and get stuck in. Here he is at some dude’s bachelor party:

And if that wasn’t enough, Bill is even a polite guest. Back in 2006 during a trip to Scotland, he rocked up to a student’s party and did all their dishes in the sink. Why can’t there be more people like Bill?


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4) He rocked up to Cannes Film Festival with this tiny camera

The outfit alone was sick enough, but the fact that Bill rocked up to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival with this ridiculous little camera is off the scale rad.


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5) No one will ever believe you 

There’s always been a famous myth that Bill Murray will go up to everyday people in the street and briefly join them or nick their chips before whispering to them “no on will ever believe you.” Because who’s going to believe that you would share such a brief encounter will someone like Bill Murray, right?

However, this year it looks like we had proof of this as he was pictured going up to some random dude in an airport and nicking a portion of his chips right in front of his face. Or he was just super hungry.


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Bill, we love you. Don’t ever change.

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