This Desperate Guy Is Offering $10,000 For Someone To Find Him A Girlfriend

Joe Cohen

But there’s a strict set of requirements.

Finding a girlfriend/boyfriend and keeping hold of them is probably one of the most important and most difficult things that you’ll do throughout your life, but I’m not sure how many people would be offering $10,000 to someone in order to help them find that perfect partner. Seems a bit desperate and OTT to me.

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Nevertheless, 30 year old California man Joe Cohen fits into this category as he says he’s exhausted every dating app in the region and sees no other way to find the perfect woman. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a stringent set of requirements for this woman and releasing the $10,000 though, as you can see from the screenshots dotted around this page.

Here’s Joe also talking about the issue and just why he’s chosen to pursue this somewhat desperate course of action:

I’m trying this out to see how it goes. Compared to the value of a long-term companion, $10,000 is relatively little. In terms of Return On Investment, it’ll probably be the best investment of my life.

I went on every dating platform out there and literally went through every match within a 30-mile radius. The apps started saying “there is no one left in your area.”

I’d like to think that I possess the traits that I’m looking for in a woman. Other people have told me I do, but there’s only one way to find out.

I have almost no shame and live my life as if the concept of embarrassment didn’t exist.

I’m direct and not very politically correct, as you can see from this post.

My health-focused lifestyle is often a deal-breaker for some.

My preferred age range is 30 or below because I’d like to start having kids in about 5 years.

I prefer women who are 20 or over for reasons related to psychological maturity, but if she is very mature for her age, then 18 or over is fine.

Well, is this guy borderline insane or what? There’s so much about this advert which is just completely bewildering, I mean does he actually think that any woman is going to want to go through all of this for a chance to date him? Like if he’s such a good catch why can’t he just find someone himself without all these hoops to jump through?

I’m not sure if my favourite part is the fact that you’re required to take a cognitive test before the date, or whether he’s included a section that implies women are going to want to move to the area with the sole intention of dating him. Surely women aren’t going to find that attractive? Are they?

Anyway, the warning bells would be going off with this guy even if he was only my friend and he decided to do something like this. Best of luck to him though – I hope he finds the one girl in the world that has requirements as anal as his for dating and they manage to hit it off. There’s got to be someone else like that in the world for him, surely?

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