A Guy Just Had The Most Bizarre Encounter With This Old Lady At A Petrol Station At 4am

Old Woman petrol Station

Wait until you see where this goes.

It’s always a bit weird stopping at shops or takeaways or petrol stations late at night as there’s a much higher chance of someone talking to you and being weird than usual because there’s a greater chance of more wasted people being around. It adds up.

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There’s also a better chance of massive weirdos hanging around who are just weird and not even on drugs and that’s illustrated perfectly in the video below. Some dude called Brent was filling up his car at the petrol station in Las Vegas when some old woman started staring at him and well, their exchange has to be seen to be believed:

Yeah I mean that really is something else eh? Both of them seem to be on a completely different level to each other as well as a completely different level to the whole entire world. Love the woman’s angry reactions and Brent’s completely ridiculous replies – probably why about 2 million people have viewed this video at the time of writing. Definite contender for the year end awards for sure.

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