Horrifying Moment Guy Goes To Meet Girlfriend’s Parents, Realises He’s Already Shagged The Mum

Quite literally a motherf**ker.

What’s the worst thing you could do when going to meet the other half’s parents for the first time? Let one rip at the dinner table? Accidentally drop a baggie of coke on the floor?

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Or what if you turned up only to realise you’d already shagged the mum just a couple of weeks beforehand. That was the unthinkable situation facing one dude recently when he thought he was about to enjoy an innocent meal with his girlfriend’s parents.

The 21-year-old decided to share his cringeworthy story on Reddit to show others just what the meeting from hell would look like. Here goes…

I live in a pretty big town, however, there are only three decent clubs so it’s pretty common to bump into the same strangers every now and then. A couple of months ago, I was at this nice rock bar with a live band; drinking with a big group of work friends. I notice a blonde woman has glanced over a few times so I go up to her, make some small-talk and ask for her number as I couldn’t really leave my friends. We text a little bit but nothing came of it.

A week later, I bump into her again and we talk for longer. Decide to grab a couple drinks and I end up going back to her house to spend the night. I noticed she was a lot older (maybe around 40) than anyone else I’ve slept with before, and I’m 21, so pretty much double my age – but she looked good so I figured I’d learn a thing or two. All I’ve learnt now is how to regret more efficiently.

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I move on and forget about her. A couple of weeks ago I met a girl, 19, on Tinder. We hit it off and after a few really good dates she invites me back to her place (I live a 20min drive away). As I walk down the street, I notice it’s the same one as my previous bonk. My heart sank when I watched this lovely girl turn to face me, say “This is me!” while gesturing to the same door that I went through for a cheap one night stand. I suddenly see the resemblence. Quickly I compliment her house and ask her how long she had lived there, grasping at some flimsy straws. “My whole life pretty much. Just my Parents, lil’ Sister and the Dog” she replies.

Everyone was home. I knew this. I had to tell her.

She was shocked. Very shocked when she realised that I wasn’t joking when I got her Mum’s name right.

I knew she was level-headed from our first few dates so thankfully she actually understood and didn’t attack me for it. We do agree we can’t keep seeing each other (duh) but I really did like her, which can be rare for me, so it fucking sucks.

She didn’t mention her parents marriage and I don’t want to ask. I also don’t know how the house was free a couple of months ago. All I know is I fucked up.

Man oh man, that went from funny to cringeworthy to downright depressing. Poor dude – sounds like he was really into this girl. But I guess shagging the mum is something that would be difficult to get over and even if you did decide to move past it, surely it would always be lingering in the background like a dirty, grey cloud.

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