Guy Makes Out With A Girl And Then Leaves The Cringiest Message Ever On Her Facebook Wall

Laptop Shocked

Apparently this is something that still happens in 2016.

Back when Facebook or MySpace was first invented and I was still fairly young I think I might have left a comment or a message on someone’s wall in an attempt to hook up with them that would have been served way better as a private message. Guilty.

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I mean it happened back then sure,  but I didn’t think anyone had done that shit in years. I mean why do you want everyone who ever visits someone’s wall to think you’re a complete and utter desperate loser/weirdo? What is the point and what is it going to gain you?

Amazingly though, there are still people that think this is the way to a girl’s heart and choose to communicate through this medium. Check out this unbelievable message that this random dude posted on a girl’s wall after he made out with her randomly on her 21st birthday. Receiving this message in a private message would probably be creepy enough but hot damn I cannot get over the fact he posted it on her wall.

What did he expect her to do? Like it? Well instead she uploaded it on her Twitter with the comment ‘It’s all fun and games until u kiss a stranger at a bar on ur 21st and he decides to POST ON UR FB WALL’ and now the whole entire world is laughing at him. Smooth moves Romeo:

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OK dude, we get it. You made out with the person whose Facebook wall it is so anyone else visiting it with ideas should back the fuck off, right? Clearly she’s got enough weird stalker issues to be dealing with right here and doesn’t need anyone else getting any ideas after this message so I imagine you’ve achieved your objective there dude, good one.

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There’s a load of other good parts to that message too but I think my personal favourites have to be ‘I, seriously, just recently sold my phone. And no longer communicate that way’ (so mysterious) or ‘cuz damn, that kiss was amazing’ (no explanation needed0 , but I did like it when he wrote ‘ttyl’ and then proceeded to write about 500 more words. Do kids these days just not have brains or am I missing something or what?

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