This Guy Made A Gigantic 30 Pound Burger With All The Toppings

Merry Christmas.

I thought that the days of people making really ridiculously huge meals and whacking them on YouTube and then attempting to eat them were gone, but this isn’t the case at all as someone thought it would be a great Christmas present to make a giant 30 pound burger.

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There isn’t really much to say about this video other than that as it’s ten minutes long and he pretty much goes through everything you need to know in it, so you may as well just sit back and enjoy it. Make sure you’re not hungry though as you might get some ideas.

I mean yeah it does actually look and sound pretty good. It’s kinda lame that the dude didn’t even try and eat it himself but just immediately invited all his mates over and cut it all up for them, but I suppose sometimes it probably is better than having eyes bigger than your bellies. YOLO.

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