Guy Takes His Long Term Girlfriend To See Jordan Peterson; She Immediately Breaks Up With Him

Jordan peterson


I’m not sure what I think about Jordan Peterson as I really don’t know enough about him, so for once I’m gonna stay neutral on this one, but I just loved reading this story so much that there was no way I couldn’t not share it because it literally reads like someone who is parodying a Jordan Peterson fanboy wrote it.

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OK here goes – this was posted to Reddit yesterday and it kinda demonstrates just how dangerous Jordan Peterson can be in mobilising young (presumably white and cis) males into action and brainwashing them to his ideas. Someone else also kindly stepped in to highlight everything that is wrong and absurd about the original poster’s message so I don’t have to and they didn’t even do it in a mean way – just a methodical and stern way exactly like Jordan Peterson would do.

The whole exchange really is too good:  

Wow. It’s crazy to see that people just don’t know or understand when they’re becoming brainwashed/obsessed with celebrity figures isn’t it? Usually this kind of obsessive behaviour revolves around musicians or film stars or celebrities of that nature but I guess Peterson is some kind of superstar of the self-help world to get people like this guy so weirdly obsessed with him.

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