A Guy Lives With Girls For A Week And Compiles A List Of 30 Weird Things That Girls Do

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Never read something so accurate.

Whilst guys might think they know girls, even if you’ve been in a relationship with one for a decade or something there is absolutely no way that this is true. This is apparently because girls present some kind of hyper sanitised version of their life to guys so that they actually want to date them.

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Whilst that might sound incredible sexist, thanks to a guy called Robbie we now actually know the truth of what it’s actually like to be a woman in 2017. Robbie is a 20 year old dude who goes to the University of London, who recently went on a ski trip to Tignes in France. Unfortunately for Robbie bur fortunately for us, he signed up late and was forced to room with three girls named Charlotte, Abbie and Fish (she was a swimmer).

During his week long stay, he learned a hell of a lot about the female of the species and decided to share it all with us:

There you have it. Whilst I’ll admit I did know some of this from living with girls in the past – that thing about the clump of hairs is definitely true and I still don’t understand it – there was A LOT I didn’t know. All you boys reading this for the first time might think that it can’t all possibly be true, but some girls even confirmed it, so you know, there you go:

I don’t think I’ve ever got a chance of understanding women.

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