This Guy Learned How To Kickflip In 5 Hours 47 Minutes And Filmed The Whole Thing


You can do anything you put your mind to, apparently

I get where this guy is coming from. I’ve got to be honest, there was definitely a period in my life where I thought skateboarding was a surefire way to be cool.

I’d try and do the tricks in my garden, or even just skate in a straight line down my road. But I quickly learned I simply couldn’t handle the concept of standing on a moving object without wigging out, and with that, the dream died.

I guess I went through all the stages of grief; there was a bargaining stage in there somewhere where I thought maybe if I just held a skateboard in public that would be enough. But even 9-year-old me knew that was tragic; so I turned my attention to my sweet Pokemon card collection, my Gameboy, Tony Hawk Pro Skater games and embraced just being a fat little kid.

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One essential characteristic for success in skateboarding is perseverance. I didn’t have it. This man in the video does.

Mike Boyd talks about the theory that to perfect any craft or skill, you must practice it properly for 10,000 hours. Skateboarding is notoriously difficult, although to be fair this other guy makes it look simple AF.

So with this video Mike tried to disprove the theory – or at least beat the curve by several thousand hours – by learning how to perform the Kickflip ASAP, saying it’s the “easiest trick you can do on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater”.

He manages to nail it in a matter of hours. Check it out:

Skateboarding was never for me but hopefully my ‘Pokemon stage’ wasn’t a complete waste of time though. Maybe JME will still want to swap my ultra rare Japanese shiny Ditto for a copy of his album? Although, to be fair, I think I’d rather keep the card.


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