A Guy In Ireland Called The Police When He Lost A Bag Containing €40,000 Worth Of Cocaine

It didn’t end up going well for him.

I feel like if you lose a bag full of drugs then you probably need to figure out how to get that back yourself or maybe enlist the help of your gangster buddies if you’re really having trouble, but apparently if you’re Irish then people over there think it’s a good idea to call the police when faced with the problem.

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This was the course of action taken by a guy named Darren Barnwell back in 2018, who jumped on a train from Dublin with a paper bag containing €40,000 worth of cocaine, presumably couriering it to someone. Unfortunately for Darren, he managed to forget the bag when he alighted from the train in Cork and flew into a bit of a panic when train conductors wouldn’t let him back onto the train to search for it.

For some reason, Barnwell thought that the best idea for how he could find the bag here was to contact the local police. The guy then realiised that he had actually misplaced the bag at a local shop, where employees reunited him with it. This is where the story gets really stupid though.

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Despite the fact that Barnwell knew what was in the bag and had it back, he bizarrely still agreed to meet the local police to give a statement and then let them examine the bag as part of this. They promptly discovered all the cocaine that was contained inside it and then arrested Barnwell right then and there on the spot.

Somehow though he managed to avoid a prison sentence after he plead guilty, receiving a four year suspended sentence thanks to his previously clean record. You can kinda tell he wasn’t a career criminal from his actions during the story – what kind of an idiot loses a bag of cocaine and then calls the police when trying to find it and then lets them search it as well? Guy is an A+ moron and probably deserves to go to prison for his actions on that day. Kinda crazy that he somehow got away with it for displaying such incredible ineptitude.

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