Guy Interviews College Girls About How Guys Should Text Them

College Girls Texting

One of life’s greatest mysteries finally investigated.

Ever since text messaging and instant messaging was invented, it’s turned the whole dating game on its head as now you actively have to wait on another person’s whim as to when they get back to you, rather than having to actually call them up and find out their answer there and then. In short, it’s a different probably worse kind of excruciating that’s been invented for millennial that their parents probably never had to go through.

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Of course, there are countless tutorials about how to up your messaging game and you can always ask the advice of countless friends for how to play it as well, but one idea that hasn’t been overly exhausted is actually asking girls themselves what they want. This guy from Stupid Cupid decided to walk around his college and ask a bunch of girls their thoughts on how guys should be texting them and well, you can see the results below:

Well, what did we learn there? Basically that all women are different and there’s no set template for texting them that is always going to work. I guess you’ve just gonna go with your gut and hope it works out. There is no science according to these girls, although being able to take a hint and not be a creep is probably a good start anyway. Unfortunately if you haven’t figured that out yet then you probably haven’t got a chance either.

I also don’t believe that all those girls dated that dude either. No way – he can barely form a flirty sentence with them, let alone have an A+ text game. Not buying it.

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