Watch This Guy Get Hit By A Train As He Poses For A Selfie

Selfie Train

Worth it?

Selfies might be cool (might be) but it seems like they’re being listed as an actual cause of death more and more these days and the video below is living proof of just how dangerous they can be.

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The video comes from over in Hyderabad, India where a boy is desperate to obtain the perfect selfie in front of a moving train. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have his angles right at all and whilst he’s trying to take the selfie (which for some reason he’s recording – I guess he was planning on getting a still from the video or something), the train slams straight into him.

The kid didn’t actually end up dying but the video is still a timely reminder that selfies sometimes just aren’t worth it. If you’re of the nervous disposition don’t watch this though, as it’s pretty nerve wracking watching the guy in front of the train as it keeps coming towards him because you think he’s going to jump out just in time, only he doesn’t.

You’ve been warned:

Ouch. Just don’t bother with the selfie next time if it’s going to be dangerous like this. Are 100 likes really worth it?

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