Guy Gets Caught Cheating On His Girlfriend; Pretends Side Girl Is A Sex Doll

Pretending To Be Sex Doll

She plays along with it too.

If you get busted cheating on your girlfriend by your girlfriend, then you’re probably going to try every trick in the book to try and justify it/get out of it, but I’m not sure if pretending your side girl is a sex doll is the best way to try and achieve that.

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Nevertheless, this is the angle that the guy in the video below tried to pursue this course of action and even managed to get said side girl to play along with him and act dead on the stairs to begin with, although obviously his real girlfriend isn’t falling for this at all. Even more stupidly, when his side girl starts moving around and shouting and running out of the door, the guy still stands by his story, insisting that the robot is malfunctioning and that he can even show her a receipt for it if she wants.

What an absolute joker:

Yeah I don’t think your story is gonna work there mate.

The whole thing does come across like it’s slightly fake but I think that the video is dumb enough and funny enough that I can let that slide. And it’s also highly possible that it is real and this is actually a situation that people can find themselves in in 2018, I doubt we’re ever gonna find out the truth for sure though.

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