Guy Thinks He’s Getting A Blow Job; Ends Up Getting His Butt Waxed Instead

Guy Butt Waxing Prank

The best prank of April Fool’s Day by far.

We featured some of the best pranks we had ever seen in time for April Fool’s Day last night, but if we had seen this one then it definitely would have made it onto the list too.

This couple seem to prefer pranking each other really horribly and filming it rather than just doing the regular couple things like going for walks, eating food and watching TV shows. The guy apparently played a prank on her when he pretended that he had killed their dog (not quite as bad as playing a prank on your girlfriend where you pretend to kill your baby) and this one is her revenge.

In it, the dude is in the shower and the girl invites him outside for a blow job and makes him sit on a chair blindfolded. Only problem is, there’s no blow job and the chair has waxing strips on it, leading to a few minutes of agony as the guy gingerly tries to get up without ripping all the hairs out of his butt in excruciating pain. Ouch.

The guy’s reaction is priceless – this is genuinely the most I’ve laughed at one of these videos in a very long time. Greatest prank of the day by far.

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