This Guy Got Friendzoned Harder Than Anyone Ever Before He Even Went On The Date


There’s nothing worse than totally being in the friendzone with a girl that you’re completely and utterly crazy about, but unfortunately that’s where a lot of us end up and there’s not really anything we can do about it.

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However hard you get friendzoned though, it’s probably not going to be as bad as what happened to this dude. Not only did he do something that is CLEARLY meant to be a huge romantic gesture, but it seems like the girl was painfully unaware of it and decided to share how great a friend he was on Facebook even before they went on the date. All those thoughts of finally kissing her at the end of it were completely and utterly demolished forever.

Friend Zoned 2

Wow. Just look at his face. Even without the added tear in it’s the perfect illustration of broken dreams. Better luck next time dude.

For another brutal story of friendzoning, check out this guy who got completely friendzoned on the kiss cam. Ain’t nobody forgetting that any time soon.


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