You’ve Never Seen ANYONE Friend-Zoned Harder Than This Guy

Maximum awkwardness achieved.

Over in the US they’ve got something called the Kiss Cam, where a camera locates a couple in the audience at sporting events and makes them kiss in front of the whole crowd and on live TV.

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At the San Antonio Spurs game this week though, the camera panned on a pair who clearly weren’t an item, and I don’t think it could have gone much worse really.

Watch below:

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Brutal stuff. That is weeks, months, possibly years of friendzoning all leading up to this one Kiss Cam moment. He probably thought this was his big chance to make something happen with her, just one kiss in front of the whole world and she’ll suddenly realise he’s the one for her. He’s trying to play it like “well, the kiss cam’s got us so no choice but to kiss, those are the rules!”, but she’s just not into it at all, cringing, moving away from him, hiding her face. Just completely brutal.


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Oh man that’s bad. Don’t ever take this girl to a basketball game or anywhere else for that matter. There’s probably loads of girls who would date this guy but this girl certainly isn’t one of them.

P.S. Remember the sexiest public kiss of all time? Gross.


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