This Guy Just Got Friend Zoned Harder Than Any Human Being In History


Every man gets friend-zoned at some point in their lives. It just happens. You don’t even know it’s happening until it happens. One day you’re trying to hook up with a girl and the next thing you know she’s not even wearing make-up around you and is talking about her crush right in your face.

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Having said that, I’m not sure it’s possible to be deeper in the friend-zone than this guy here:


Brutal stuff. I mean clearly Daniel is an awesome bloke who in one day did something more romantic for his friend than most men will do with their girlfriends/wives during an entire lifetime. Most girls would kill for a guy that would take them to Top Golf, dinner, horseback riding and buy them flowers and ice cream all in one day.

But alas, in the real world doing something like that for a female friend just comes off like you’re way too desperate/into her. If a guy is willing to do all that for you on a ‘friend date’, just imagine if you started properly dating him and then split up one day. Good chance you’d end up under the floorboards/in the freezer (not saying Daniel would do this, but it’s something to think about).

P.S. Not ruling out that Daniel is gay based on those skinny jeans.

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