Here’s The Leaked Convo Between A Son And His Dad Who’s Sleeping With His Girlfriend (NSFW)


Absolutely brutal.

Being cheated on absolutely sucks – I’m sure most people reading this can probably identify with that mentality, and if you can’t then count yourself lucky – but I think that it would be magnified by a factor of about 10,000 if it was my fucking dad that I found out was shagging my girlfriend. I mean that’s absolutely mental and something you might see on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Unfortunately though, it happened to this guy who decided to post the results of his confrontation with them on Imgur for all to see. Not sure why he wanted to do that as it’s pretty embarrassing and pretty much downright horrible and upsetting, but I guess he needed some way to vent or something.

You can scroll through the slides at your leisure using the left and right arrows.

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Guy Finds Dad Sleeping Daughter 1

If you can’t read all that then it says:

Dad: Alright gorgeous?

Girl: Heya, we really shouldn’t be talking

Dad: I know babe. Just can’t stop thinking about you or last night.

Girl: I can’t either but feel too bad about it.

Dad: Don’t honey, you loved it. You there?

Girl: I know, sorry was getting changed.

Dad: You should show me.

Girl: No stop please.

Dad: Come on, what’s the harm after what we did?

Girl: Ok but you won’t make it obvious to him will you? x

Dad: Obv not girl.

Girl: *Sends image* *kiss*

Dad: So hot girl, I wanna suck those tits.

Girl: I’d like that.

Girl: When does he have work next?

Here’s what went down when the dude confronted her about it:

Guy Finds Dad Sleeping Daughter 2

Guy Finds Dad Sleeping Daughter 3

Guy Finds Dad Sleeping Daughter 4

Guy Finds Dad Sleeping Daughter 5

His dad also begged him for forgiveness. Guess how that goes:

Guy Catches Dad Shagging Girlfriend 6

Guy Catches Dad Shagging Girlfriend 7

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Ouch, that’s absolutely brutal, and some of the replies are absolutely horrific. ‘Oh I only did it once and not for very long’, ‘I thought he would like me more’, ‘it was an accident’, ‘well your mum has forgiven me’ – it all sounds like absolute bullshit and you’ve really got to feel sorry for this guy as he really has drawn the short straw with the worst dad and girlfriend you could ever imagine.

The sooner he gets rid of her the better. Can you imagine if they actually got back together, everyone would just have to go to family events knowing that she had shagged his dad? No thank you.

If he does manage to forgive her somehow, maybe he should do what this guy did and superglue her vagina shut to stop her from cheating. Just kidding, that’s absolutely horrific, but it might not be that harsh in this case because her behaviour was absolutely disgusting.


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