Man Discovers Horrific Half Scorpion/Half Spider Creature In His Family Home

Camel Spider

It can grow large enough to eat birds.

There are a lot of grotesque and scary creatures out there all over the world, but you generally tend to think you’ll find most of them in exotic locations and not in your house – you’re supposed to be safe there.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t true at all as this guy Thomas Acosta found the monstrosity you can see above in his house, just hanging around scaring the crap out of everyone like it was no big deal. The animal is a camel spider, which is half spider and half scorpion and has the largest jaws compared to its body size out of any animal on the planet.

It’s a complete badass mofo basically. Acosta said the following about it:

I didn’t know they are native to Arizona, I have seen camel spiders, but I heard of them in Iraq.

We do have a small pet, and I wouldn’t want anything to hurt her, she’s kind of old.

I’ve hired an exterminator to make sure that none of these guys ever come back here.

Can’t really blame the guy because the thing is absolutely terrifying. Even though it’s non-venomous and not dangerous for humans, I still wouldn’t want the possibility of running into it in my house. Apparently they can get so big that they eat birds and rodents. That’s a nope from me.

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