Guy Exposes 128 Twitter Accounts Supporting Herd Immunity As Being Fake Government Plants

Surprise surprise.

It’s kind of forgotten how the current incumbent government used a whole load of fake social media accounts to push their agenda in the last election and were exposed due to a variety of screw ups, but it looks as though they’re up to their old tricks regarding the response to the Coronavirus pandemic as well.

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You probably remember at the start of the crisis the government said that there was no point in going into lockdown and that we would be following the path of herd immunity instead, only for this decision to be quickly reversed after about three days as it was soon realised to be a particularly dumb idea that would lead to way more deaths than necessary. However, in this time a number of NHS workers appeared on Twitter to voice their support for the government’s policy – but it’s now being revealed that these were all fake accounts set up by some social media manager for the government.

This Twitter thread exposes it all:

Devious hey? Although I suppose not really that surprising given the much publicised antics of this Tory government in the past. Guess it’s just the world that we live in now isn’t it?

Serious props to John O’Connell for seemingly uncovering it all and I know he’s only shared the NHS Susan account at this point, but it looks like he’s planning a major investigation and expose given what he’s saying and the attention that the thread is already receiving. Just gotta make sure he’s legally protected beforehand which I think is reasonable enough at this point.

The best part of the story though is that after people started sharing this on Twitter, another bot account appeared to debunk it and sent 50 replies to different accounts in under 15 minutes. Surely it’s not a good idea to use the same technology that you’re denying exists to try and debunk it?

Yeah so that seems like a ridiculous stupid response to these revelations. Be interesting to see where this goes – if anywhere – over the next couple of days, but it seems likely that it will probably just get washed under the rug again and everyone will just gloss over it and focus more on people clapping for the NHS on Thursday nights. Kinda sums it up.

For more of the same, check out the NHS Tablet Team encouraging you to donate your tablet to the NHS. Nice one.


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