This Guy Edited Himself Into The Ending Of Seven And Switched The Head For Some Pink Crocs


Weird but hilarious.

Seven is one of those iconic movies that just seems to have stood the test of time because it has such a brilliant story that was translated to the big screen expertly by everyone involved. There are obviously gonna be some spoilers here so don’t read too far ahead if you haven’t seen it.

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Obviously one of the most shocking things about the movie is the ending where John Doe orders a box to be delivered to the field that they’re standing in in the middle of nowhere, only for Brad Pitt to open it up and discover that it’s his wife Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in there, eventually leading him to murder John Doe and complete his little seven deadly sins game. The scene is pretty much perfect and provides a shocking ending that will resonate with you long after you’ve finished watching it.

So just why this weirdo thought it would be funny to edit himself into the ending and replace the head with some crocs is really honestly beyond me, but it’s pretty jokes as you can see below:

Yeah, I haven’t really got any words for that at all, but I guess it was kind of funny? More just completely weird I guess but hey, that’s what gets the traffic these days I guess. Cool way to spend a minute or so.

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