This Guy Eating A McDonald’s Meal With A Knife And Fork Is An Absolute Joke

What the hell is he playing at?

If there’s one thing you can say about McDonald’s, it’s that you pretty much know that it will always be there for you no matter what, whatever country you’re in and whatever state you find yourself personally – you’ll always be able to step in there and grab some familiar food to stuff in your face with your hands.

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Or not. Even though a chicken nugget meal with fries seems specifically designed to be eaten with your hands and stuffing the food into your face , this one unknown weirdo was filmed yesterday eating the meal with a knife and fork. Honestly, you’re not going to believe this whatsoever when you watch the video below:

What the hell? I’ve never even contemplated eating any kind of chicken nuggets and fries meal with a knife and fork, let alone a McDonald’s meal. What is this guy thinking?

The best part of it though is definitely when he holds up the dipping sauce with his other hand and dips his food in it when it’s on the end of the fork. This guy definitely had some strictass parents if he’s still eating like this when he’s out on his own in a fast food joint. Glad I’m not him.

For more people who don’t know how to eat food properly, here’s David Cameron eating a hot dog. Never forget.


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