This Guy Has Discovered The World’s Longest Ever Chip Measuring 7 Inches


We don’t have much to celebrate or be thankful for at the moment as lockdown continues to drag on with no real end in sight or return to normalcy, so I’m thankful when a dumb story like a guy discovering the world’s largest ever chip comes along to cheer me up.

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Oliver Dale was preparing chips, chicken and salad for his family – sounds like a tough job, what did he have to do get them out of the bag and put them in the oven? – when he discovered the massive potato snack in his bag of McCain Crinkle Cuts from Asda. He had the following to say about it:

I turned to the Mrs and said ‘Have you seen the size of this?’

We were both laughing. I measured it just for a laugh. It was seven inches long.

It pretty much filled me up that one chip.

The reason I’ve done it is a bit of light-hearted fun in grim times.

I did it more of a conversation-starter for people who may be suffering with mental health.

It’s rather that than waking up every day and listening to the grim numbers of people dying.

Whether its positive or negative comments around it, yes it’s only a chip but it gets people talking.

It’s boring times in lockdown so if people are comparing longest chips, so be it.

It’s to get Britain talking.

I mean yeah fair enough, it’s cheered me up and I’m sure some idiots will be talking about it later as well. The thing is bigger than most dicks out there, so it is worth some attention.

Unfortunately though, the chip won’t be breaking any records as the biggest chip on record is one that was made in India and weighed in at 11kg – this was man made though and not discovered in a packet bought from the supermarket. Maybe Oliver has a chance then hey?

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