This Man Dared Two ‘Elite Hackers’ To Hack His Computer; They Absolutely Destroyed His Life

Guy Dares Hackers To Hack Him

Great idea dude.

With humongous hacks happening in the last few years to notable companies such as Ashley Madison, Sony and JP Morgan Chase amongst others, a dude called Kevin Roose wanted to see just how easy it was for a bunch of hackers to totally and utterly ruin his life. Great idea dude?

He gave them two weeks to hack him as deeply and thoroughly as they could but he also kind of pussied out a bit as he said that they couldn’t mess up his finances, reveal any private information or perform any irreversible damage. Roose also made the hackers promise that once they were done hacking him then they had to help him sort everything out that they had screwed up for him.

To be honest, it doesn’t even sound like they had that much to play around with from that description, but wait until you see what they did manage to do to him:

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Wow. That guy got absolutely fucked in about ten minutes didn’t he? I mean he literally dared that one guy to go after him and he got all his passwords and credit card details and got his computer to take photos of him every two minutes without even breaking a sweat. I mean he probably could have done it whilst he was sitting on the toilet taking a crap – although I guess he would have broken a sweat then though.

Either way, this is pretty scary and it makes me want to never ever piss off anyone who knows anything about hacking. Or at least get every single security patch ever. Hell, even Sick Chirpse got hacked a few months ago but we fortunately sorted it out. Let’s hope that never happens again.


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