A Guy Who Claimed That A Charm Made Him Bulletproof Has Been Shot Dead

Shot Dead

Throughout history there have been so many instances where people reckon that some kind of charm or witchcraft has made them invincible and then they test it out and fail miserably and for some reason people never seem to learn that it doesn’t work and the cycle is doomed to repeat itself forever.

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The latest instalment comes from Nigeria, where a 26 year old healer named Chinaka Adoezuwe ordered one of his clients to shoot him with a gun in order to demonstrate the protective powers of his charms. Unfortunately, Chinaka ended up dying from the bullet wounds that were inflicted upon him and the client has now been arrested for murder. What an absolute shit show.

This all went down in Umuozu Ugir and local resident Kingsley Ugochukwu described that happened:


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A young man had gone to a native doctor to prepare bullet-proof charms for him, which the native doctor did.

After preparing it, the native doctor asked his customer to position himself very well so that he could test the efficacy or otherwise of the charms, but his customer refused.

But to prove the efficacy of the new charms, the native doctor positioned and handed over a gun to his customer to test-run the charm.

Tragedy struck and the bullets penetrated Adoezuwe, resulting in his death.

Sounds like the ‘young man’ got majorly stitched up considering he didn’t even want to fire the gun in the first place. Probably going to be a pretty interesting trial right there – hope he manages to get off because it seems like his whole life is gonna be screwed up by this idiot healer. Not to mention the guilt he probably already feels for killing him. Absolute shitshow.

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