Man Who’s Never Parachuted Before Buys Parachute Online To Jump Off His Apartment Block

Parrachute Apartment

Buying stuff online is always kind of risky, but it’s a whole different kind of risk if you’re buying an item that actually has the power to put your life in its hands.

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This idea didn’t seem to bother this crazy Brazilian guy who had never performed a parachute jump before. He saw absolutely no problem with buying a parachute online, watching a few instructional videos and then jumping off the balcony of his apartment. Perfectly normal behaviour right there.

Geez. His wife does not look happy about that at all does she?

Well I mean she’s in tears, of course she doesn’t, but you get what I’m getting at there. Guy clearly doesn’t want to be alive and look after them, so he figured if this parachute trick didn’t work out then at least he wouldn’t have to deal with the aftermath. Seems like a solid plan to me.

For more parachutes, check out this guy attaching a parachute to his naked skin. Weird.


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