Watch This Guy’s Spine Bend The Wrong Way After Going For A Quad Flip On A Trampoline


Your back does not bend that way.

Whenever I see a post with a title like the one on this one, I’m always like ‘yeah yeah yeah it’s not actually going to be THAT bad’, they’re just hyping it up to get the clicks and you probably thought that yourself when you clicked on this but trust me – this one is the real deal.

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No idea of the context or anything about it other than the fact that this guy is trying to nail a quadruple backflip on a trampoline and the way he lands does not look like a way that the human body should bend, even if you’re like a grandmaster of yoga or something. Trust me:

Ooof I told ya didn’t I brother? I visibly winced when I saw him do that and then it got even worse when I watched the replay. Not sure if this is the kind of thing that lends itself to repeated viewings because it’s so painful to watch, but you know maybe show it your friends so you can see their faces when they see it. It’s not gonna be pretty.

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