The Guy Who Beat Cancer With Only CBD Oil Was Actually Receiving Chemotherapy As Well



A couple of weeks ago, we ran a story about a man who used CBD oil instead of chemotherapy and is now cancer free, but something happened with this article that doesn’t usually happen with Sick Chirpse articles: the people who were featured in it actually wrote in – and they weren’t happy with us at all.

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This doesn’t ever happen at Sick Chirpse very often because all our articles are always extremely accurate all the time. Lol JK that isn’t really why, it’s because nobody ever featured in our articles bothers to contact us, but this time Natalie Grace – the girlfriend of the man featured in the article George Gannon – wanted to set the record straight about what actually happened. Turned out that it wasn’t as simple as George just stopped chemotherapy and started taking cannabis oil and his cancer went into remission, as she explains:

On 21st December 2018 George was given an end of life diagnosis and taken off all treatments. He could not walk, hold a pen, dress himself, or speak clearly.

After 2 weeks of cannabis oil (1000mg THC 1000mg CBD Daily),  George was then suddenly strong enough to try another type of targeted chemotherapy.

A month of this chemotherapy treatment almost killed him due to the side effects and we had to stop taking it. He didn’t then didn’t eat for another 13 days. (Feb 15)

For the next 2 months he was only using cannabis oil. In this time the tumours stopped growing and the disease stabilized. (March 21)

He gained back loads of weight and started going to the gym. He was back to his old self.

On April 20th George began a weaker dose of the chemotherapy to try to avoid the side effects and he has been on it ever since along with the cannabis oil.

On August 2nd the MRI reported the almost complete reduction of his tumours.

I also want to add that when George was hospitalised due to his medication (in February), the oncologist said he hadn’t taken the drugs long enough to have any effect on the tumours.

This leads us to believe that between the dates of December 21 to April 20th, the only thing contributing to the stabilisation of George’s tumours was the cannabis oils.

There you have it – from this account it seems that the cannabis oils weren’t the miracle treatment that we painted them out to be in our original article, but they clearly had some effect on George’s recovery and were integral to his cancer going into remission. I’m no expert on this but hopefully people can learn from this story and see that using chemotherapy in conjunction with cannabis oil might give them a better chance of survival if this situation happens to them.

Apologies to Natalie Grace and George Gannon for reporting on this story incorrectly in the first place. The original article has been changed to reflect this.

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