This Guy Ate Nothing But McDonald’s For A Month And Ended Up Losing A Stone

Ryan Williams

Supersize me.

Pretty much everyone is aware of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary SuperSize Me, where he ate nothing but McDonald’s for a month and ended up putting on a tonne of weight and pretty much almost dying, but one man called Ryan Williams wasn’t happy about it at all.

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Williams was upset with Spurlock’s decision not to do any exercise during this period and argues that anyone eating that amount of food and not exercising was going to feel bad and put on a tonne of weight. He therefore decided to do his own experiment, where he would eat nothing but McDonald’s for a month but also hit the gym hard and see what happens.

And guess what? It looks like he lost a stone and a half and managed to get completely shredded – you can check out his story in the video below.

OK so again I’m not really sure if this is the fairest of comparisons either. Williams was hitting the gym hard every day starting at 4am, so I think in that situation it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to lose weight no matter what you’re eating. He also comes across as a gym rat who knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to cutting weight and bulking up so he had that to his advantage as well.

Sure, it’s interesting that Williams was able to lose weight by only eating McDonald’s for a month when it’s thought of as a fatty, unhealthy, trashy food but really his study is as skewed as Spurlock’s. Still interesting to see those results though.

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