Guy Falls Asleep In Taxi; Ends Up Back At Taxi Driver’s House Watching Take Me Out

Student Falls Asleep Taxi

The perfect end to a night out.

A student from Manchester managed to pass out in the back of a hired minibus after a night out and was so far out of sight of the driver that he ended up back at his house watching Take Me Out with him.

18 year old Mike Allison had been out celebrating a friend’s birthday in Manchester City Centre when everyone was bundled back into a minibus to take them home. Unfortunately, he managed to pass out and get left by all his friends in the minibus and only regained consciousness when the taxi driver woke him up at his house:

I was asleep, head in my knees, hunched over, on the far back left side of the taxi, so the driver couldn’t see me.

As you would expect I shat myself!… [I] thought one of my drinks had been spiked and that I had been kidnapped or something!

I couldn’t afford the £50 fare to take me back so I tried calling around for a lift but couldn’t get anyone to pick me up at 4 a.m.

The driver was getting a bit agitated so he invited me in to watch Take Me Out whilst I waited.

Mike eventually got someone to come and pick him up and the taxi driver let him stay with him until a lift was nearby. Unfortunately for some reason Mike decided to leave the house when he didn’t actually know where his lift was, and his phone died shortly after which meant the wally was walking around Stretford for two hours before he finally found it. I’m sure it’ll be a night he’ll never forget.

Still, it’s a much better story for him than when this taxi driver completely bossed this abusive student.


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