This Dude Publicly Demanded His Wife And Side Chick ‘To Get Along’ On Facebook

When you’re all about that hassle-free life.

A ridiculously ballsy dude by the name of Lonnie Turner posted a Facebook status the other day in which he insisted his side chick and wife “better learn to get along”, or he’d find a new side chick and wife that can.

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The guy even posted a side-by-side photo of the two women with the outrageous caption above it:


Some people tried to make him see reason:


But Lonnie was having none of it:



As completely fucked up as this is, you almost have to respect the fact that Lonnie 100% believes he deserves a hassle-free life in which his wife and mistress are BFFs. It’s so delusional yet he’s so insistent that it shouldn’t be a problem that you just have to laugh really. The guy wants to live his life the way he sees fit, and his wife and side chick are making it impossible for him because they don’t want to share him. Not his fault, right?

P.S. This is Lonnie – looks like he has as much trouble being faithful to a pair of Nikes as he does women:


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