This Guy Got Arrested For Spraying Fart Spray Around A Bar

Warren Zengo

Guess what. He was underage drinking.

Hats off to a 20-year-old guy called Blake Zengo from Bogart, Georgia who was arrested for disorderly conduct, public intoxication and underage possession or consumption of alcohol after he got busted spraying fart spray all over a bar called Whiskey Bent.

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The police report is funny as fuck so I’m just going to copy and paste that. Sorry, not sorry:

A woman in a bar ran up to myself and pointed out a man wearing a white polo shirt.

The woman told me that the man was inside the bar spraying people with Fart Spray.

The female, who was later identified as being [name redacted], stated that she was also sprayed in the face with the Fart Spray by the male.

She pointed at her right eye; saying that that was the area she was sprayed in. Contact was then made with the suspect who was still standing in the patio area of Whiskey Bent.

I asked the male to tell me what took place inside of the bar; advising him that there was a complaint of him spraying people with Fart Spray. The male stated that he did not know what was going on, and he did not spray anyone with anything.

Fart Spray

The suspect appeared ‘very inebriated’ during this discussion.

I knew that Blake was not being truthful because [name redacted] pointed him out as being the suspect who was inside the bar spraying people, and he was also standing in the patio area of the bar.

Blake was placed under arrest, and we discovered the spray bottle in his pocket. It was labelled ‘Fart Prank.’

It was noticed that several patrons of Whiskey Bent began to leave quickly while making comments about how bad it stunk inside the bar.

The Fart Prank spray will be placed in evidence.

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That really is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. My favourite part is definitely how the spray was labelled ‘Fart Prank’. You ain’t getting away with that one son.

You’ve really got to wonder what possessed Zengo to think it was a good idea to go around a bar spraying fart spray everywhere though. Whilst that is kind of funny, it seems like he was on his own and so he was only amusing himself. I bet they didn’t even need to check his ID to come to the conclusion that he was underage.

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