This Guy Actually Thought It Was Acceptable To Kill A Bear With A Spear

Josh Bowmar Spear Hunting

What an absolute asshole.

Whilst I don’t really endorse bear hunting at all, I probably think that if you actually have to do it then it’s way more humane to kill a bear with a gun or whatever then by throwing a spear into its body.

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Unfortunately, there ARE bear hunters in America and there are actually people that think it’s a good idea to throw a spear through them, meaning that it could take up to 20 hours for the animal to die after impact. Awful.

The guy in this video is one of those people. His name is Josh Bowmar and he traveled up to Alberta in Canada so he could put all his training into good use and throw a spear into a bear, much like you might see someone throw a javelin. He then uploaded the video onto the internet so you can watch him in all his glory:

Geez, what an absolute butthole. Just the way he’s commentating on his own throw ‘all that preparation, all that training’ makes me want to throw a spear through his own neck. Hate the stupid soundtrack he added in to make it more dramatic too.

Fortunately/surprisingly most of the internet seems to be condemning him for this practice – including his fellow hunters who like to go after bears and shoot them – calling the practice ‘archaic and barbaric’. I mean you can easily argue that the practice of killing a bear for sport is both of those things, but I suppose using a spear is even more regressive so there is that.

Alberta have now imposed a ban on spear hunting in the region due to this video which is one positive to come from it, and have also asked fish and wildlife officers to investigate the incident to determine if charges are warranted against Josh. He’s also receiving a lot of death threats online – which he probably didn’t do any training or preparation for – so it looks like he’s going to go down one way or another which is probably a good thing.

Of course, I don’t want him to die and I doubt anyone will do that, but it’s great to think of him quivering in his house fearful that someone might get him after what he did to do that bear. Hopefully he’ll be slapped with a  big fine or jail sentence too as well though. We’ll see.

For more spears, here’s a spear fisherman getting dragged along through the water by a giant grouper it tried to catch. Just ditch the spears guys.


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