This Guy Got This Absolutely Terrible Tattoo To Try And Win His Wife Back After He Cheated On Her

Terrible Tattoo

That’s not gonna work dude.

Probably the hardest thing about finding out that your partner has cheated on you is being able to regain the level of trust that you once had in them, but there are a number of ways through which this is possible. I don’t think getting a tattoo listing your crimes on your chest is one of them.

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Nevertheless, this is the route that one couple have chosen to go down at the start of the new year, with Jose L. Torres getting the following badly spelled missive inked all over his belly. I can see this relationship really going from strength to strength after this show of solidarity:

OK I was obviously joking about them going from strength to strength, but it’s interesting to note that the tattooist didn’t notice it was misspelled until afterwards, which kind of gives the impression that this guy just rocked up and got this tattoo without his wife’s consent or knowledge in the hopes that it’s going to win her back.

Can you imagine how that’s gonna go down when he gets home and says ‘baby, look what I did for you?’ Can just see her face slowly reading it and becoming more and more disgusted as she gets further and further through it before storming off out of the kitchen or wherever. Ain’t no way that’s gonna work and to be honest I’m surprised the tattooist even let him do that to himself.

It’s gonna basically be a serious bane on his existence for years to come and a serious turn off for any potential new girlfriends. What a gigantic screw up.

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