This Guy Just Absolutely Stacked It Off His Skateboard Whilst Grinding A Rail


How’s your jaw pal?

There are two absolutely awesome contrasting parts about skateboarding and these are when you see someone land an absolutely awesome trick and also when you see someone absolutely stack it really hard off their board and you hope to dear God that nothing like that ever happens to you.

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This is the second one of those scenarios with Jason Thurtle taking one of the all time greatest hits off a board as he tries to grind a rail, loses his balance and sees his jaw thud sickeningly into the rail at top speed. Yeowch.

Hot damn that looked painful. Apparently Thurtle just walked off and it didn’t even KO him or even hurt him that badly, which is completely crazy when you see how hard he slammed into it. Maybe he should consider a career as a heavyweight boxer or UFC star if skateboarding doesn’t work out eh?

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