Guy Gets 18 Inch Vegetable Stuck In His Butt After Carving It Into A Sex Toy

Man wincing Pain

As you do.

An unnamed 55 year old Costa Rican man has had an 18 inch vegetable removed from his butt after it got stuck up there whilst he was using it as a sex toy.

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The vegetable in question was a yuca/cassava root/manioc depending on who you talk to (I’m not sure what the correct name for it is) and the guy had carved it up real good so that it looked and felt like a penis, albeit the biggest penis ever with an 18 inch length and three inch girth. The guy placed two condoms over the vegetable for some reason (was he worried about getting an STD off a vegetable?) and then inserted it into his anus and went to town. He got into trouble when one of the condoms split and reluctantly made his way to the operating room.

The dude was in surgery for two hours because the vegetable could have perforated his intestines and given him an infection. Part of the surgery was to relieve pressure on his anus and intestines and luckily it was all filmed as well, so you can see them pull out a huge vegetable shaped like a penis in the video below if you’re not squeamish. Seriously though, this really is something.

Jesus Christ. Imagine having that stuck up your butt. Also, how did he even get two condoms around it? Why are condoms made to stretch 18 inches?

Fortunately, the guy is going to be OK and is expected to make a full recovery. Apparently, people having sex with vegetables isn’t even that uncommon, and is actually known as sitophilia. Who knew?

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