‘Guts And Glory’ Is The Most Ridiculous Video Game Ever

Guts And Glory

I can’t believe someone even made this.

For every Grand Theft Auto 5 or Fallout 4 out there, there are about a million other ridiculously stupid and bad games that nobody ever plays, but if you’re lucky then you’re game might be so bad that it actually achieves legendary cult status on the internet which might at least make you a little bit of money.

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Guts and Glory is one such game. It pretty much involves you picking some kind of weird family vehicle – either a car with all the family in, a bike with a little kid on the back etc – and then racing through checkpoints whilst literally everything tries to kill you. And by everything I mean everything, as you’ve got flying chainsaws, cannons, landmines and all kinds of traps that are looking to end you.

It’s basically completely and utterly ridiculous as well as insanely difficult, as you can see in the video below, where YouTuber TheRealGMat plays through the game for about five minutes and having a hell of a time doing so, despite it being to stupid and hard. He’s got the right mentality for it I think:

Wow. That looks like the most impossible and ludicrous game ever, but it also looks like the kind of infuriating that you would keep coming back to and playing more and more of just so you could nail it.

And the death animations are so stupid that it probably wouldn’t even annoy you that everyone kept dying because it’s just so dumb. Might have to download it now and spend the weekend playing it.

For more of the same, check out Goat Simulator. Pretty similar.


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